DJ Caspar Gomez“Tribal-TECHNO lunacy, ELECTRO-FUNKIN’, post-PUNKIN’, Afro-FREAKIN’, glitch-HOUSE and bananalandin’ WACKEROONI” are just a few words that surround DJ CASPAR GOMEZ like a laser-light aura. And we’re proud to welcome him to our FREAKY-DEAKY BOO-gie down at bubbling CAULDRON on Saturday 29 October at Berkhamsted Civic Centre.

Thomas H Green – AKA DJ Caspar Gomez – regularly puts on club nights and concerts in the Sussex area. These include the Afro-techno-delic FREEDOM and “the entire history of electronic music in one night”, Synthesize Me, as well as a range of events that have featured The Orb, AK/DK, the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, Wolfgang Flür of Kraftwerk, and others. He has been a working journalist for over 25 years (currently New Music Editor at theartsdesk.com) and has contributed regularly to the Daily Telegraph, the i newspaper, Mixmag and many others, as well as writing one book, Rock Shrines (Harper Collins), and a chapter to Glastonbury Festival’s 50th Anniversary book in 2020.

Listen on Spotify. Read on theartsdesk. And catch LIVE at:

bubbling CAULDRON
Saturday, 29 October, 7 – 11pm
Berkhamsted Civic Centre, 161 High Street HP4 3HB
In Support of Hector’s House

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